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EnLight'N Up

Let us SPARK your interest with our four product categories. All of our flower package in house is sorted into these categories to help you find the exact effects you’re looking for. Take a quick look and see which category best suits your lifestyle.


Put your feet up.

A great way to ease your muscles and calm your mind. You can expect to experience “couch lock” which helps with anyone looking to unwind from a long day.


Lose the stress.

Let all your stress fade away as you set your mind free with these quick acting strains. Replace the worries of the day as these products are good for both daytime and night time use.


Recharge the batteries.

Enjoy a clear mind and more sensory awareness. One of the many benefits from this category includes euphoria. Don’t worry about nodding off or being sleepy all day these products will make you feel more uplifted, energized, and creative.


Get things done.

Products in this category will revitalize you and keep you going for a productive day. Elevate is perfect for those planning a night on the town, heading up a new project or simply enjoying some time outdoors.

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