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How do Strains Get their Names?

How do Strains Get their Names?

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We’ve always been curious how cannabis strains ended up with the names we know them so well by today. While some strains are named after more obvious reasons such as smell or taste, others aren’t as easy to pinpoint. Sputnick? Gorilla Glue? Cinderella-99? Where do all these names come from?
Every cannabis breeder has a different method for naming their unique genetic creation. They often create a name by cleverly combining the parent strains’ names. For example:
Poison OG x GSC (a.k.a Girl Scout Cookies) = Suicide Girl
Blueberry x White Widow = Berry White
Mad Scientist x Timewreck = Dr. Who
Other times a strain’s name is representative of its effects, like Blue Dream, which combines Blueberry and Haze to create an uplifted, “dreamy” mental state.
In other instances, a strain’s name represents a homage, like Jack Herer or Ringo’s Gift, named for a cannabis activist and a CBD-strain breeder, respectively. So, yes, there is a bit of a science to the madness when it comes to naming cannabis, but it’s also not an exact science… more like guidelines.

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